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What Do Innovative Organisations Look Like

Below is a summary of the 2011 Best Companies:
¹The Hay Group; Summary Of The 2011 Best Companies for Leadership Study.

94% are prepared to run unprofitable projects to try new things.
100% let all employees behave like leaders, as opposed to 54% of heir peers.
100% manage a pipeline of qualified leadership candidates.
90% let employees bypass the chain of command with an excellent idea.
95% see problems as opportunities.
100% take action when a leader is not collaborating. It’s mandatory!
95% reward leaders based on their ability to build excellent peer relationships.
95% of leaders take time to actively develop others. Only 48% of leaders in peer organizations do this.
95% of leaders at the best companies are culturally savvy and are able to be effective with diverse teams.

Only the leaders that, (a) insist employees have a voice in their work, (b) back it up with the provision of resources, then (c), support them in their efforts to succeed, will create cultures that champion innovation.