Posted June 19th, 2013 under

Could you make a great TED Talk?

There are a few key ingredients that make any talk great. They are a passionate speaker and a great story well told. With TED talks the story needs to be built around a great idea. “An idea worth spreading” as they say. You need all three of these to create a great TED talk. Not all TED talks have all three. But if they have the idea and the passion you can coach the rest.

If you are considering an opportunity to do a TED or any talk ask yourself what is your idea or story and how passionate are you about it. Remember you cannot fake the passion. It will show and people are so good at picking up on this. Like a dog can smell fear and audience can smell a fake.

Often the best way to establish whether you have a good TED talk in you is to start by asking yourself, what am I passionate about? Explore this and you will find the idea you need to spread.